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2008-01-22 21:38:57 by The-Wonder

As I can see, I got quite a few loyal fans with me on their favorites. I thank you all for that, my fans are my inspiration. You want it I got it drippin' like water.

300 Ms Paint art

2007-11-04 23:18:11 by The-Wonder

Here it is. 10 minutes of work.

300 Ms Paint art

MS Paint Art

2007-11-04 22:57:23 by The-Wonder

I did WyteNoiz and Gerard Butler in 300

MS Paint Art

That's right. Me, Bleek989, WyteNoiz, and the fam Greeksta-69 is puttin together a collab. We need about 1-2 lyricists to be involved so holla at the fam, Bleek989 or Me, The-Wonder. J-Velli


Program Questions

2007-11-04 10:39:55 by The-Wonder

I use a real recording studio, down in Sacramento. I pay 100$ to make 1 beat.


2007-11-03 18:09:11 by The-Wonder

I wanna thank all of you guys that have been commenting on my work. So far I don't have any really bad reviews. Thanks for the love and I'ma upload 2 everyday so be ready, ya'll The Wonderous Mr. Velliez is in the building

Rollin with Lo Ca$h

2007-11-02 00:06:37 by The-Wonder

It's official, ya'll. I'm officialy part of Lo Ca$h Productions. Hit me up at This Email if you need anything. JV out.